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Face Your Career Fears Head On

Face Your Career Fears Head On Copyright © 2005 Deborah Brown-Volkman, All Rights Reserved Surpass Your Dreams there something in your career that you really want, but you are afraid to go after it? Fear is normal. We all experience it at certain points in our ca. . .

Face your enemy - Brainstorming

During the course of my life, both childhood and adult, the military has played a primary role. My father, a 20+ year military man, raised me in various locations all over the world. Then, I myself did a tour of duty, serving my country and learning more things about life than I though I ever c. . .

Failure To Pay Employment Taxes – Penalties

As an employer, you must pay employment taxes if you have employees. Fail to pay and the IRS will rain all over your parade. Penalties If you have employees, you absolutely must deduct and withhold various taxes from the paychecks of your employees. Since you are deducting money from the employee’. . .

Finding a Job Under Tough Circumstances

Finding a Job Under Tough Circumstances Copyright 2005 Joel Vance Anyone can find a job. That’s right, I said “anyone”. AndI meant it. But the caveat is: I didn’t say what kind of job. You can go out and start flipping burgers, and whine about the tough breaks life handed you when your company down-. . .

Finding Employees For Insurance Industry Jobs

Finding Employees For Insurance Industry Jobs Copyright 2005 Insurance Workforce Finding the right employee for any job opening can be a challenge to say the least, and this is no truer than in the insurance industry. With considerations ranging from experience and education to their personal skil. . .

Finding Motivated Sellers

Motivated sellers? My wife and I were trying to keep the renters happy, the rent coming in and the house repaired - while living 2100 miles away. You bet I was motivated. We just sold our house last month, and even got a good price, but I'll tell you a secret. We would have sold the place for... . . .

Five easy ways to bring family time into your day; Balanc...

Internet Five easy ways to bring family time into your day; Balancing work and family stresses By BZ Riger-Hull, Certified Success Coach The pace of life seems to quicken every year. More and more time is spent rushing from job to after school activities or evening meeti. . .

Five Steps to Starting a Business

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter on your web site as long as the byline is included and the article is included in it's entirety. I also ask that you activate any html links found in the article and in the byline. Please send a courtesy link or email where you publish t. . .

Form good business habits from the start

Form good business habits from the start by Robert Nixon Every business has normal hours of operation. You should treat your internet business in the same manner. Set certain times for promotions, researching, phone calls and whatever other tasks associated with your business. 1. Promotion ti. . .

Four Job Interview Mistakes That Can Torpedo Your Chances...

What are the worst mistakes job hunters make? It turns out there are four big ones. These four mistakes turn up repeatedly when executives responsible for hiring talk about the reasons why someone didn’t get a job offer. If you make even one of them, you’ll drastically reduce your chances of get. . .

Free Contests May Not Cost You Money, But They Can Still ...

If there’s no entry fee, why not enter? If I don’t win, I don’t lose anything. Many a new writer has been burned by thinking this way. Free competitions may not cost you any money to enter, but they can still cost you. The Big Beware: Are You Selling Your Rights by Entering? Beware of competition. . .

Freelance Photography: How To Begin Your Career

By: Colin Hartness Photography is a vast world. There are many different types of photography and many different kinds of people that enjoy it. It’s a hobby that be relatively inexpensive or one that you can invest a lot of money on. Photos are so special because they give us memories of times . . .

Friend or Foe? Finding Your Trading Personality ...

Every trader has made the same fundamental error at some time in their career. Actually, most businessmen and entrepreneurs make this same mistake. Let me tell you a story: While at graduate school, I was crazy about windsurfing. Whenever it was windy, I was sailing. Nothing else mattered. Classe. . .

Get Branded

Get Branded By Michelle L. Casto La Fontaine once said, “By the work, one knows the workman.” He must have known long ago about the importance of branding. In today’s competitive marketplace, establishing and maintaining a brand name is essential to your career success. A service or trademark . . .

Get Dressed and Get Hired

Tying a tie properly may tie you to your next employer. A properly tied tie is essential to a good first impression. With the recent outcry regarding athletes wearing flip-flops to the White House, it’s apparent that a review of socially acceptable fashion rules is needed.Gone are the days of Lea. . .

Get Your Job Search Organized

What was the name of the manager you met at last month’s business mixer? Did you ever follow up on the application you mailed two weeks ago? Which version of your rιsumι is the most recent one -- without the typos? If you’re asking yourself questions like these, your job search could benefit from. . .

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