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Competition is Best Kept to Yourself

This article may be published electronically in either your ezine or website under the provision that all copyright, contact and link information is kept in tact. We would appreciate receiving a copy for our Publishers Directory. Thank You. Word count: 520

Considering Becoming a Life Coach?

By Devlyn Steele As life coaching is gaining popularity, so is interest in becoming a life coach. Many people love the idea of working for themselves and being in a profession that helps others. If you are thinking about becoming a life coach, there are several factors you need to consider. Fir. . .

Create a Network and Catapult Your Job Search

Networking is still known as a great job-search strategy, yet it eludes some individuals simply because they don’t know how to go about it. Individuals also tend to shy away from networking because it’s time consuming. Unlike online rιsumι submission or folding a rιsumι, stuffing it in an envelop. . .

Create Your Own Work at Home Job or Business

Securing a work at home job can take a lot of time, patience, and persistence. Unfortunately, by the time most people begin searching for a job to do at home, they are already in a severe financial bind and need to begin earning right away. That's just not realistic with most work at home jobs an. . .

Creating your Vision for your business, career, & life.

Internet Creating your Vision for your business, career, & life. By BZ Riger-Hull, Certified Success Coach Many people go through their daily lives feeling overwhelmed. There are so many things to do and there never seems to be enough time o. . .

Creativity is Essential for Online Success

Do you have a strategy that ensures your online business stands out from the crowd? If your answer to the above is NO then you need to address this issue, because if you don’t, it is unlikely that your online presence will even be noticed. With there being so much competition in every field . . .

Dealing with Adversity

"Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted." - Matthew 5:4 Each day I receive several letters from people who are facing adversity, some are confronted with the loss of financial resources, some have serious health problems, while others are faced with the loss of a loved one eithe. . .

Dealing with Difficult People

There’s no escaping the fact that they come into everyone’s lives at one time or another. Sometimes they come in the form of an unhappy or hard-to-get-along-with client, customer, or co-worker. And sometimes they’re just someone we happen to come in contact with like a store clerk. Whoever the. . .

Dealing With Difficult People

Is there a jerk in your life? Someone who’s driving you crazy? Someone who is unreasonable no matter what you try? Read on for strategies in how to deal with difficult people. You Teach Others How to Treat You. Get this relationship rule, and you’ll relieve a lot of stress in your life. . . .

Do I Have to Provide a Salary History?

Often you see job postings with a request such as “Send resume with salary history to…” I don’t know about you but the first thing that pops into my mind is what do they expect to pay? The next question I ponder is whether or not it’s legal to request this information. Who will see my salary hist. . .

Do you Over Promise and Under Deliver?

Do you Over Promise and Under Deliver? A new client recently admitted to me sheepishly that she often didn’t get to complete a client’s work until the client called to see if it was ready. I admired her honesty if not her time management skills. I’ve had times in my past sales career when my wo. . .

Don't Mistake Activity For Achievement

"Don't Mistake Activity For Achievement" Written By Jeff Schuman © 2004 I remember watching an NBA Basketball Game on t.v one night. The Miami Heat were playing the New Orleans Hornets. Miami was all over them yet when you looked at the sc. . .


DREAM JOB PROJECT(2005) Sheree Rainbolt-KrenLast year, as I was journaling for another new day, I was guided to draw a *picture* of my grandest career vision. I did have one. "But," I thought to myself, "I can't draw worth squat!" I put that idea aside and moved along to other things. A few mi. . .

Employment Taxes – Depositing With The IRS

If your business has employees, you must pay employment taxes. The payment system can be a bit confusing, so this article discusses how to go about depositing employment taxes with the IRS. Depositing Employment Taxes To pay employment taxes, you must deposit the money with the IRS. As is typical w. . .

Ethics in Speaking: A Practical Point of View

Often managers have to deliver presentations with unpleasant content. The vice president has to announce that there is a hiring freeze or a downsizing. The human resource director speaks to the employees about a benefits package with fewer benefits. Because executives are often speaking in dif. . .

Evaluating Job Offers -- Eleven Warning Signs You Must Wa...

Moving into a new job always involves some degree of uncertainty. You should do your best to find out all you can about a prospective employer, starting right from the pre-interview stage. Here are some things to look out for. If one or more of these warning signs are present, you need to be dou. . .

Exceptional Leadership Inspires the Best Effort in Others

There is a steady stream being written and taught about leadership these days. There are tips about leadership, courses about leadership, books, retreats, and continuing education – all focused on leadership. While all of this material is useful and can certainly enhance one’s leadership knowle. . .

Experience the Benefits of an Internet Business

The Internet industry is booming and offers opportunities galore for internet businesses. Internet businesses are not just for computer whizzes anymore, not just for people with multiple college degrees or a rich background in business. Internet businesses are a viable economic solution to anyone. . .

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