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An Introduction to Medical Billing Jobs
By: Damian Sofsian

Medical billing jobs are healthcare related jobs that involve working with doctors, patients, and insurance companies to make the payment of services as efficient as possible. There are large medical billing companies that pay competitive wages to those with the skills required to be an effective medical biller. Medical billing jobs require someone to know the various methods for billing patients, understand how to collect payment from patients, have a working understanding of medical terminology, understand legal and ethical implications, and be able to complete medical billing and claims forms using current coding. Medical billers are also expected to have basic office and computer skills.

Though medical billers usually work away from the public eye, this doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate with clients and customers. In fact, a main part of medical billing jobs is answering patient’s phone calls about billing questions and contacting both insurance companies and patients to follow-up on overdue bills.

In addition to large company medical billing jobs, there is also the option of starting a home-based small business in the medical billing industry. There are several courses and certification programs offered online to train interested individuals in the terminology and knowledge needed to become successful as a home-based medical biller. A word of caution though – be sure to research the programs offered as there are many people out there trying to rip unsuspecting people out of hard-earned dollars. Here are some basic questions to ask when looking at a given course or program:

• Does it teach you basic medical terminology?
• Does it teach you the basic claims process for medical insurance reimbursement?
• Does it show you how to complete common insurance forms?
• Does it teach you how to use medical billing software?
• Does it introduce you to the diagnostic and procedural coding systems?

After being certified, home-based medical billers will have to purchase equipment and software, market their business, and find and maintain clients. If sufficiently motivated, the earning potential for this kind of business is great.

Specialties related to medical billing are:

• Medical coding
• Medical claims reviewers
• Billing coordinators
• Reimbursement specialists
• Patient account representatives

• Medical claims analyst
• Medical claims processors
• Medical collectors

Medical Billing Info provides comprehensive information about medical billing software, services, jobs and companies. Medical Billing Info is the sister site of Medical Billing Software Web.

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