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The Do's and Don'ts of Work at Home Business
By: Purva Mewar

The first and foremost amongst the Do's and Don'ts is -`DO' start to work at home & `DON'T GIVE UP'. I am not saying it because I myself work at home. On the contrary I am saying it because there was a time when I did not work at home! I know the difference. Period.

I was a normal office going, 9-5 rut -routine person, much against my likings and wishes.And as any other beginner I was fresh and enthusiastic when I joined a corporate career, put in 200% in everything that was assigned to me. But as time passed, I realized, I was not cut out for the job.

Forget commuting and following a was the easiest to cope. What I disliked was the the chaos beyond. Not being able to relate to the corporate jargon, educated moves, politically correct reactions, aligning with lobbies... none of these were my way of looking at a long term career. So, my career merely became a job for me. The `ambitious' bird flew out of the window.

But then, I have always preferred to be `normal' than an `average' person. My definition of an `Average' person is "Someone who does what most people under similar circumstances would do, without questioning". And a `Normal' person according to me is "Someone who will do what she/he feels is right for him/her irrespective of what most people under similar circumstances would do or think"

So, I started looking out for the opportunity. And while surfing the net "Work at home business - found Me"! How much ever clichιd it may sound - I would like to say it anyway - I have found my calling. There is lot of money, conveniences and straight clean rules.

Coming to the basic Do's and Don'ts - Join work at home opportunity which has been around for a while & talk to the senior successful members. It should have 24X7 online supporort.Dont pay a fee to join work at home based business. Don't miss out on their rules and private policies.

The author is Purva Mewar webmaster of two Work at Home Business websites and

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