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The benefit of a resume critique
By: Ronan Kennedy

The benefit of a resume critique

The resume critique has recently evolved into one of the
more interesting tools available on the Internet with many resume-writing firms now offering this service as standard.

There are many clients searching for resumes on the
Internet today that are skeptical of the services offered
by the many resume writing firms currently available
online. Offering a free resume critique is a perfect opportunity for us as professional resume writers to provide our clients with an insight into our service and professionalism.

It is with incredulity and horror that we view many of the resumes submitted for critique. We still wonder how many of the job markets most experienced and successful candidates can be so unaware of the detrimental effect their poor resume is having on their chances of job success. These people are often at the peak of their career and yet their resume does little to represent this fact. How we tell them this is a major consideration.

Performing the critique

While it is obvious that we must point out the fatal flaws
in their resume it is vital that we do not crush their confidence or self-belief. As professionals we have an obligation to the client and must ensure that the feedback we provide is constructive and helpful offering valuable professional expertise. For that reason the resume critique must offer honest opinions and recommendations.
What is equally important is that we are able to fulfill
our obligation to the client in creating a resume that is representative of their recommendations.

Resume errors are still a main feature of many professional resumes despite the fact that candidates are now provided with an abundance of information on resume errors and resume writing techniques on the hundreds of sites now widely available. It is with this knowledge that the entire resume critique process came about. Offering a free no obligation resume critique service inspires a client with confidence both in our service and in our integrity.
For this reason it is vital that we present the completed resume critique in a concise but professional manner and that the advice offered will make significant improvements to the clients resume.


Our resume writing service offers resume
critiques to each client in the hope that they will indeed
take the advice offered and subsequently make improvements
to their career documents that will help them achieve
further success. We recognize that candidates performing a comprehensive job search need advice and encouragement and that all the feedback we deliver must be effective in delivering a constructive message and offering valuable direction.

At no time is this more important than when in actual fact
we receive a very effective resume. When asked to perform
a critique on a polished resume, we do not attempt to offer negative feedback and promises of an improved resume unless we are absolutely confident that you can provide an improved version. Our reputation is worth much more than the cost of one resume order and we put our reputation at risk if we were to make false promises to our clients regarding the quality of their resumes.

Candidates submit their resumes for critique in the hope of securing some much needed help and advice and we have an obligation to provide this service, offering accurate and up to date information that will assist them as they set about securing a new role and a new challenge.

©2005 Ronan Kennedy, President of
Our resumes and cover letters are guaranteed to win
interviews. Learn more and read our salary articles, career
tips and career resources at

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