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Telecommuting To-Do List
By: TeleQuest™

Compiling to-do lists often help us remember all those little, nasty chores we have to do even though we would like to forget them if we could! Writing also organizes our thinking and defines our goals in a concrete manner. You can use this handy little tool as you search for a real work at home job. No experience is necessary and the only equipment you need is a piece of paper and a pencil! Define your skills.

What is it you do best? Write down skills you would like to improve or new skills you wish to learn. What would you need to do to reach this level? Go to school? Take an additional training class? It may be helpful to add the cost of training to your list as sometimes earning or saving money is a goal all by itself.

Reserve time for your search. Can you search everyday for a real work at home job? Four hours each week? A few hours every couple of weeks? Although the best results are found when you can search everyday, it's not always feasible or practical in our day to day lives. Get the most out of the time you reserve. Ignore the hype in advertisements! Ads promising lots of money for little or no experience waste your time.

Familiarize yourself with the job market in your area. Is your time best spent reading ads in your local paper or on the Internet? Perhaps networking or placing a positions wanted ad would better serve your needs. Many jobs are filled by word of mouth so don't ignore this opportunity. Devote at least half of your reserved time for networking with your friends, business associates, church members, etc.

  Tweak your list. Make it work for you. Time is one of your most precious commodities. If you lose money, you can always make it back. When time is spent, it's gone for good. And, doing nothing costs you just as much time as working towards your goals!

Don't berate yourself. Many people come to me saying "...I've wasted my time, I've spent this much money in scams...all for nothing...I still can't find a job...I've been searching for over a year...what am I doing wrong?" Unpleasant? Yes! Frustrating? Yes! Still, these can be a learning experience and help us redefine our goals. Odds are you're not going to find a job within a week. Don't take it personally! The telecommuting job market is tough!

Educate yourself about telecommuting. Do you know what it is, what it entails? How would it meet the needs of your personality? Companies offering a telecommuting option don't always mean work from your house specifically. Sometimes they mean a "remote location", not at your house and not at the office. Or a combination of all. How would that work for you? Don't overlook your present employment, is it possible to implement a telecommuting option?

Traditionally, applying for a job meant you presented your resume, interviewed, etc. Finding a company and a job where you are allowed to telecommute is much more difficult. Understand your goals, understand it's not going to be easy or fast and learn how to take inventive steps. Thinking "outside the box" and creative approaches can bring you much better results faster!  

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