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Robert Butwin's 'Street Smart Network Marketing'
By: Home Business

If you are somebody who wants to start your business and attain ultimate freedom using Network Marketing, you should know (or learn to know now) who Robert Butwin is.

Robert Butwin grew up in a successful family of self-made millionaires. However, he later pursued a more personally satisfying life in Network Marketing. He is a more than successful Network Marketer as he has twice been named "Distributor of the Year" by the professional trade organization, MLMIA.

Butwin has published a book titled 'Street Smart Network Marketing' which guided Network Marketers, including me personally, in exploring the street smart wisdom of master networkers. According to Robert Butwin, "A Street Smart Networker is a man or woman who has a clear vision of the big picture, plus the common-sense 'street smarts' to know how to play the game and win - and to do it with integrity."

In his book, he stressed some very important points to help Network Marketers achieve their one goal which made them start this kind of business in the first place: to be free! Free from a job, free from a boss, free to earn as much money as they choose, free to spend time with families and friends... and so much more.

Some of the most important things a Network Marketer should have or do to succeed are:

- Join the right company. The company you choose to represent will be your 'car' to your success and financial freedom. So when choosing a company, be as cautious as you would be when buying a real car. The company, the product, their marketing resources and tools should all have integrity. Find a company which sells a product that you could love and that is so good that sells itself. Choose a company that has such great marketing tools that you could easily duplicate and literally 'plug-in'. Or a company with a duplicable business system. And of course the company should pay a juicy amount of comissions. Here is an example of a company of those qualities: Success University (

- Find a mentor. Every successful network marketer have a whole bunch of mentors, trainers or coaches. Network Marketing is about duplication! They can help you avoid the mistakes they once made in the past and help you stay on track as you move on. Mentors are valuable resources of new ideas and approaches. Communicate often with them. Successful mentors will always be happy to help because your success is their success too.

- Change your mindset. It's all in your mind! If you believe that you can make $10,000 per month, then you CAN! Networking mentor John Milton Fogg calls this "habitudes" or habits of attitude. In his book, Robert Butwin explains in detail the powerful 'habitudes' for Network Marketing. In order to be able to *do and have* what you want in life, you must first *be* the kind of person you want to become.

- Set your goals. Goals are tools to keep you focused and help you become more and more determined to succeed. Be specific when writing down your goals. How much money would you like to earn in 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? After writing it down, put your goals everywhere, so you will be able to see it all the time.

- Dedicate your time and effort to your team. Network Marketing works differently from a conventional business. In a conventional business, you work for a boss who works for his boss, and his boss works for his boss and so forth. In network marketing your focus and dedication should go to your team, the people you lead because they joined you. Whatever you are planning to do with your business, do it for the sake of your team. Your team's success is your success. And even with an excellent network marketing company, your upline’s success will be your success too. Success University ( is one of the companies that allows this kind of benefit for both uplines and downlines.

- "No" is not a personal rejection of you. There will be numorous of people who will say 'no' to your business. Don't take it personal. Some people does not have the big picture about becoming free or about the unlimited opportunity that network marketing has to offer. No matter what you say to them, they will just never say 'yes'. Make sure that you spend your energy only for those who share the same big picture with you. These people should be your target.

You will find more valuable tips on how to become a Street Smart Network Marketer in Robert Butwin's book. In it he shares in great detail what he has learned - things that have worked, and things that haven't. Guided by his step-by-step practical advice, you will be able to avoid common mistakes people make and duplicating successful strategies that has been proven. This way you will not be like many people who fails and turn their back on this industry. In doing so, they turn their back on unlimited possibilities.

In the back office of Success University, students and network marketers have free access to a course based on this book, Street Smart Network Marketing. The 30-day free course has helped hundreds of students and networkers become successful.

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Dinar P. Wiria-Atmadja is making money as a student of Success University ( Download a FREE Report and brand it with your own link - "The Dirty Truth About Network Marketing That You Must Understand If You Ever Want To Succeed." -

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