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Plan your work, work your plan
By: The Cpu Cash Network Newsletter

Plan your work, work your plan by Robert Nixon

It is very important that you set and follow a schedule. Here is what, as a sample, I do on a daily basis during the work week. 1. I get up around 4:30 am 2. The first thing I do is check my personal e-mail messages and the ones that are forwarded to 'key' e-mail addresses from my website, such as 'feedback',' webmaster' and 'removes'. 3. I process my daily e-mail harvest from my links pages into my mailer program, and send them my message for the day. 4. I go to the 'Safe lists' that allow me to do 'daily sends' and send my daily message to each of the groups. 5. That is all I do before I leave for my 'day job' at 7:00 am, as I call it.

Upon getting back from my 'day job' ( normally around 5:30 pm )

1. I check my personal and 'key' e-mails again. 2. I open my 'submitter's)' programs and submit my message of the day to the sites of the submitter's). 3. One of the programs I promote has a 24/7 support/chat room, and I am one of the 'admin' persons there ( to assist new members with questions on the in house programs of the association). I then go to the room, check in with the fellow admins,and assist any members with problems, share new insights and shucks, just relax, as I work the 'in house' programs. 4. I go to bed, after dinner at around 10:00 pm


I get up at the SAME time as during the work week. 1. I do the same as my daily morning schedule. 2. I check my 'research' articles, that I have found during the week, for my newsletter edition ( which your reading here now). 3. I select the articles to publish and what the 'theme' of the newsletter will be for that issue, and send out the newsletter. 4. I once again go to my 'Safe lists' ( including the now effective 'once a week send allows') and send my message for the day to them. 5. I go to my 'submitters' and use them. 6. I now go to the 'networked' classified and links sites and submit to them. 7. I check in at my 'admin' room for up-dates and provide assistance if needed. 8. I go to my 'web site' host server and check the 'most hit' pages at my domain for the week. 9. I check those pages for any bad links, or problems. 10. I check my 'tracker' program to see which daily messages produced the most traffic to each page. NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT 11. I delete ALL my e-mail leads that I have accumulated for the week. 12. I delete all the non-productive messages that I had sent out during the week and set up new messages ( using my tracker urls ) and save the 'producers' ( which I will run again until they start becoming un-productive. For use with my new leads that I will get the coming week. 13. I start my newsletter 'research' for the next week's edition, and check out 'tips' from fellow associates from all the programs I subscribe to, for new programs worth investigating for additional 'streams' of income. 14. I go to bed, after dinner at around 10:00 pm. ( of course I do take 'breaks' from my internet activates doing things like 'yard work' (which I do enjoy doing ), honey-dews, and things with my children ( movies, churches).

TIP: I do not use my ISP for sending my e-mails, I use it for 'connection' only. I use the mail server from my hosting service, sure it cost a little extra to get this feature but is worth EVERY cent, and it takes a little additional effort to set up correctly. ALWAYS INFORM YOUR HOSTING SERVICE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING FIRST: THEY MAY HAVE 'RESTRICTIONS' THAT NEED TO BE ADDRESSED ( for instance, they found porn links on one of my sites (it was from submissions to my domains 'links page'), and once I informed them of where the links were coming from, there was not a problem. Please note: this is not at my 'free stuff' page, but from a regular FFA links type page that is listed and getting submissions from several 'submitter' services used on the internet today: WHICH YOU CAN ONLY GET LISTED ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN DOMAIN ) You will not get this sort of 'service' from any hosting company when you get a 'free' or one of the 'basic' packages. When I started my 'domain' I determined how much a month MY success on the internet was worth to ME. AND FOR UNDER $50.00 PER MONTH I GOT THE PACKAGE THAT WOULD ALLOW ME TO DO WHAT I NEEDED IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH MY GOALS. Also: When I set up my domain and 'reserved' my domain name, I paid extra for 'e-mail' forwarding services.



Past articles have been written on how to avoid 'spaming' and etc.

This is the schedule I follow week end and week out EVERY WEEK of the year. Persistence pays !!

It takes many long hours and late nights to become a success with your business, and just as many to maintain it once it starts rolling.

Robert Nixon

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