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My Vision Of Multiple Streams of Income
By: Peter Dobler

You've must have read the phrase "multiple streams of
income" numerous times on your journey searching for wisdom
on the Internet. Regarding to Robert G. Allen, multiple
streams of income are the stock market, real estate and the
Internet. I prefer to add paycheck to this list as well.
Most of us don't feel comfortable to give up the security
of a steady income, at least not in the beginning.

During the next few months I will publish new articles
about my very own experiences with building multiple
streams of income. Although I just recently started, I have
a lot to share and I hope I will inspire someone to avoid
the mistakes I made, and still will make.

Please join me on my journey to financial freedom through
my home-based business on the Internet. I will cover my
experiences and mistakes with the stock market and in the
real estate business in separate articles. For now I'm
focusing on the Internet business.

I wasted hours and hours searching for the almighty golden
key to financial freedom. I spent a lot of money for
worthless e-books and signed up to almost every newsletter
there is. Until I had to switch email addresses. My inbox
couldn't keep up with the massive stream of useless emails.

What did I learn so far? Somebody else got a little bit
closer to financial freedom, certainly not me! I was in
desperate need of either giving up or dramatically changing
my strategy. I'm not a quitter and whatever strategy I
used, if so, it must change or I will find myself in
financial hell.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not looking to make money out of
thin air. I actually don't believe in the get rich with no
money schemes. The only person getting rich is the author
of the book! Some of these strategies may work in theory,
but I've never seen substantial results in the long run. I
might be wrong on this one, if so, please send me your
opinion and experience with this business strategy.

Here's another advice; it takes time, lots of it. Don't
rush yourself into hasty decisions just because you think
it is a hot deal. Do your homework and research the deal as
good as possible. If this is the true "hot" deal, it will
be around for a while. Otherwise it's just another rip off
scheme and someone else is making the big bucks. If you
come across these 30 days to success guides, give yourself
at least 60 days to achieve your success. Remember,
patience is one of the key factors to success. Read the
guide in its entirety and slowly start implementing these
suggestions into action. Always keep track on what you did
and double check after a few days or weeks, if it's
working. Make changes as necessary.

I really don't remember how I got started with the idea of
building my own home business on the Internet. I believe
that I was searching for ways to increase web traffic to my
real estate site. During my research I came across all
these websites promising thousands of visitors to your
site. Most of them are free, but you spend hours after
hours to generate enough credits for your own site to be
shown. And when the site is shown, guess who's looking at
it? Another sleepless soul, who is looking to increase
traffic to their site. This is not exactly the type of
customer you're looking for.

After a while I thought, hmm, if I add a banner from a
banner link exchange, then I will be able to trigger more
targeted hits to my website. So I continued clicking night
after night through these exchange services with little or
no success. I wasted countless hours in front of the
computer. My advice; stay away from these exchange
services. Most of them are pure pyramid marketing schemes
anyway. There are no real products or useful services
offered by these sites.

At this point I started to discover the power of affiliate
programs. And this, my friends, is the real deal! I'm not
saying this just to get your attention; I'm speaking from
experience. Affiliate programs come in any shape and form.
Some are pure product reselling machines, others offer
incentives for recruiting new affiliates and many are
offering a combination of both. The real value behind this
concept is; you get endless training material to sharpen
your marketing skills. There are real products to sell and
there is real money to make.

The mother of all affiliate programs is SFI. I joined them
as soon as I learned the details and the benefits of their
program. Later on I read about Stone Evans and his
incredible services he offers. In fact, Stone is to blame
that I'm writing this article.

So far I got off a good start with SFI and Stone Evans. I
will keep you posted, if you like, in my next article.

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