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Lost Your Job? Good for You!
By: Karen Walker

Lost Your Job? Good for you!

Losing your job is a shock no matter how it happens. Fired,

laid off, downsized-it's all spelled 'unemployed'. But once

the shock of a job loss wears off, you might discover there

can be real benefits to being unemployed By looking for the

positive aspects of your situation, you can start to achieve

the life you've always dreamed of.

The first benefit of being jobless is that it gives a person

time to re-evaluate life. Where am I going in my career

path? Is this where I want to be? How does this mesh with

other areas of my life? In what areas do I need to create

more balance? Take some quiet time to reflect on where you

are now, and start to carve out a path that leads to your

ideal life. Put in writing the answers to these questions so

you can look back on them in the future and track how you

are progressing towards your goals.

Another benefit is that being jobless forces you to reassess

your job skills. Do you have the skills and experience to do

the type of work you really want? If not, what will it take

to get that level of skills and experience? What skills do

you already posses that you'd like to build and improve

upon? Once you have a list, get busy honing those skills to

get where you want to be. There are many resources for

additional training and support, something for every budget.

It doesn't hurt to ask about sources of training available

in your area. A call to your local Job Service office can

put you on the right track. And of course, read. At the

library, a bookstore or on the Internet- there is a

never-ending list of resources available in print. Somewhere

there will be an information source to learn the skills you


The biggest benefit of unemployment may be the doors of

opportunity that will open when you are free to make

changes. Now is your chance to go after that dream job. Or

maybe you've always wanted to own a business. Depending on

the type of business, how much you have to invest of your

own funds and the credit you qualify for, there is a world

of options available to you as a new business start up. If

you desire a high level of support, purchasing an existing

business or franchise may be an option to look at. But be

careful! Often owning a small business means trading in a

boss for the equivalent of a job (since you still have to

show up at the work place every day), only with longer

hours, lower pay and a host of other expenses and headaches

you didn't have before. Since you’ll be working long hours,

make sure you love what you do.

Maybe the thought has crossed your mind more than once that

it would be nice not to rush off to work every morning. In

that case, a home based business might be good for you.

Statistics show that 50% of households in the U.S. have some

sort of business operating out of the home. The tax

advantages of owning a home business are often touted as a

reason to get in the game. But there are more important

benefits than saving dollars on taxes, such as flexible

scheduling. Hours saved not commuting or being stuck in an

office can be spent with family or pursuing other interests

instead. There are no nights, weekends or holidays to work

unless you choose to.

Having the freedom to choose your own paycheck is another

benefit of any business you own, though perhaps more so with

a home business due to the lower overhead of working from

home. There is no storefront to maintain, few, if any,

employees and forget the headaches that come with managing

people. These are but a few of the benefits of working from

home. Some types of home business even allow a person to

earn recurring income, so that you can continue earning

money whether you are working or not.

Maybe your job has not ended yet, but will soon. All better

for you! By utilizing this time now to get going on your

next income venture, you will be well on your way when the

current stream of income stops. In today's economic climate,

even if your job seems secure, having the extra 'insurance'

of other income doesn’t look too bad, either.

So, if you are newly unemployed, or about to be, try seeing

this change as a source of inspiration, an opportunity to

change your life for the better. Go after that dream job, or

pursue one of the many other options available to you. What

have you got to lose? Remember, fortune rewards the bold, so

step out there and go for it! In a few months time, you may

be heard to tell someone, "Lost your job? Good for you!"

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