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I want to work at home and make money online. What is there to learn?
By: Purva Mewar

This is what beginners must be wondering about… “What is there to learn?” All the websites out there are talking about making money online, from comforts of one’s home. They also mention that anybody can do it. A housewife, a retired, senior citizen, new mother, student anybody - and everyone has an equal to survive and succeed. “What is there to learn after all?”

The websites also say, you don’t need money, experience or qualification to start a home business and make money online. All you need is a computer at home and internet access. Okay, I have a computer and access to internet. Now, what does it take? What do I need to learn?

Well, one step at a time. There are many kinds of jobs or business’ you can do from home. You can join a program that will send you surveys and you will be paid to answer each one of these. See? It fits the bill. To take online surveys all you need is a computer and internet access. Everyone has an equal chance to survive, succeed and make money online.

Likewise you can buy a domain name, build a site of your own, (like I do) sell various products on it. When people buy from your site, you get your commissions. Again you make money in the form of commissions. In this kind of home business you need to learn the techniques to move your website up the search engine. The techniques are available online. Free of cost. Techniques such as having tightly themed, relevant content on your site, optimizing, exchanging links, writing articles, attending and contributing in forums, placing press-releases.. and so on. They are simple step by step techniques that you pick up as you move ahead.

The home business website takes time to pick up. It also takes a while for you to get a proper hang of things. The learning is an ongoing process. Everyday something is upgraded. Every visit of google leaves footprints behind. You may have a question that needs immediate answering and you can get it answered right away.. You just have to know which word to type in the search engine to get what you want. And your query will be answered right there. If you have understood what I mean then, I can make it simpler for you.

See, you have a website about home business and someone is looking for home business. When he/she types home business in the search engine, your site has to show within the first 5-10 options. This means you are high up in the search engine. And to reach here, is the name of the game! This is what is there to learn. How to position your site high up in the search engines for particular keywords (e.g make money online, work at home, home business etc). Once your site reaches here, you have to put in efforts to stay there. Even Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise have to make an effort to stay at the top, who are we?

The author is Purva Mewar, webmaster of two Work at Home Business websites and YOu are welcome to send her your queries related to home business

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