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Face Your Career Fears Head On
By: Deborah Brown-Volkman

Face Your Career Fears Head On
Copyright © 2005 Deborah Brown-Volkman, All Rights Reserved Surpass Your Dreams

Is there something in your career that you really want, but you
are afraid to go after it?

Fear is normal. We all experience it at certain points in our
career. Maybe it's the new job we wanted to apply for, but were
afraid we would not be chosen. Maybe it's the new idea we wanted
to propose, but were afraid it would be rejected. Maybe it's
something we wanted to say at a networking event or job
interview, but were afraid it would not be perceived well.

Fear is good because it motivates us to excel in our career.
Without a little fear, we might turn off the alarm clock and stay
in bed all day. But when fear prevents you from moving forward,
and doing the work you know needs to be done, then it's time to
face your fear and conquer it.

Fear is an emotion experienced in anticipation of a specific pain
or danger. It can cause us to slow down, act with caution, and in
some cases, to freeze up entirely. When we fear the worst, we
stop taking action, and action is a key component to reaching our

Dealing with your fear head on usually dilutes the stronghold
that keeps fear alive. As scary as this may seem, facing your
fear is the secret to getting past it.

How Do You Move Past Fear So You Can Have A Successful,
Rewarding, And Fulfilling Career? Here Are 4 Ways:

1. Identify Your Fear:

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of making a mistake? Being
rejected? Afraid of making a wrong choice again? Are your fears
enough to stop you?

Write down your fear. Get it on paper. Be specific. Include what
your fear is as well as why your fear it. Your goal is to stop
your fear from circling around in your head and causing damage.
Once identified, you may find that what you are afraid of is not
as scary as you think. The sooner you can identify what your fear
is, the quicker you can make it disappear.

2. Visualize Your Way Past Fear:

Successful people who have overcome fear began with a
determination to not let their fear stop them. They created a
clear description of the end goal in their minds. They visualized
this description several times before it became a reality. They
spent a great deal of time nurturing this description before they
acted on it to make it real.

Begin with a clear description of what you want to happen. New
job? Promotion? More money? Your own business? Visualize the end
goal several times a day. Put yourself mentally at the finish
line. Then, working backwards, visualize the steps necessary to
succeed. Visualize yourself overcoming the steps you fear as well
as the fears that are holding you back. Picture yourself
successfully completeting each step, despite your fear, and then
reaching your goal.

3. Conquer Your Fear:

The way past fear is through it. You will not wake up one day and
not be afraid anymore. In the beginning you have to do things
afraid. Fear and change are always toughest in the beginning.

Yes, it's scary to call people you do not know or haven't spoke
to in a while to ask for help. Or, going to a networking event or
job fair to look for a job when you do not know if it will be
worthwhile. Or, scheduling a meeting with your boss to ask for
more money or a promotion even though you know there have been
cutbacks around you. The outcome may not be favorable. But, it
may. Why rule out the possibility so quickly? Sometimes we try
things in our career for ourselves; to see if we can do it. Even
if you get a no, you'll learn from that no, and turn it into a
yes next time.

4. Take Action:

There will always be a reason to stay where you are. And, there
is a better reason to move forward. You spend so much of your
waking hours either in your career or thinking about it. This is
valuable time that you do not want to waste.

Career goals are reached by taking small steps over time to reach
them. You need to keep moving. No matter what. Even, if you do
not feel like it. Even, if you do not believe what you want will
happen. Make a plan and work on it everyday. Trust that the work
you are doing now towards your plan will bring the rewards later.
Because, it will. Slow and steady wins the race every time.

So what do you say? You only have one life to live so it might
as well be a life you love!

Deborah Brown-Volkman is the President of Surpass Your Dreams,
Inc. a successful career and mentor coaching company that has
been delivering a message of motivation, success, and personal
fulfillment since 1998. We work with Senior Executives, Vice
Presidents, and Managers who are out of work or overworked.
Deborah is also the creator of the Career Escape Program™ and
author of Coach Yourself To A New Career: A Book To Discover Your
Ultimate Profession. Deborah Brown-Volkman can be reached at:,,
or at (631) 874-2877.

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