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By: Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

(2005) Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

Last year, as I was journaling for another new day, I was guided
to draw a *picture* of my grandest career vision. I did have one.
"But," I thought to myself, "I can't draw worth squat!" I put that idea
aside and moved along to other things. A few minutes passed and
I closed my journal. That was that. I need some rest.

As the day progressed, I kept getting a nudge. I heard "Draw a
picture of your grandest vision." Oh man, do I really have to do
that? I don't really know where to begin, even though I have this
kick butt vision! It's all up here [pointing in the direction of
between two ears]. Can't I just make it happen from there please?
Seems the answer was a definitive, "NO!"

With a light, but firm breeze at my back, round about my hinder
area, I picked up my journal again, with absolutely no clue what
I was going to draw. I began to doodle and fadapple. Nothin'
comin'! Then, I get a quickie visualization. They want me to draw
a floor plan of a real business. Huh? A floor plan? As in...
floor plan? Rooms and their dimensions? How fun and creative! And
maybe later we can set up a new accounting system? "Just do it
for crying out loud!" I hear.

OK. I'm not deaf ya know.

This journal of mine is quite large. Almost 8 x 10 size
pages. My daughter Lily Helen gave it to me for Christmas. How on
earth did she know? My other 20 journals are regulation journal
size. Nothing remarkable. Hmmmm. Very interesting.

After each hard stock linen page there is a 8 x 10 size tissue
page. When I opened her gift to me, I thought, "Fancy!" I was
almost to afraid to write in it. It called for some big and
serious ideas and I was still baking them. Wasn't quite ready to
declare real ownership just yet. Geesh.

So, on that day last week, I sat with my journal and my tea. I
took my fancy calligraphy marker and fancily drew the word
VISUALIZE across the page. As per their instructions. Above it, I
drew two beautiful eyes, with long lashes and defined eyebrows.
Very penetrating. Looked really artsy on that tissue paper. Not
bad at all. Am I done for today? That was easy enough for part
one. Moving right along.

Within 27 seconds my pen took off. I was sucked like a cotton
ball into a giant narrow vacuum of comprehension and complete
focus. Wow. All of the light filled thoughts I have ever held, at
various points in time, all came together into one fluid freeze

There are no words to truly describe what happened, but within
one hour, I had drawn my Grandest Vision, in the form of a full
blown floor plan. One guided by the Divine Architect. Imagine
that! No fluffy pictures, or inspirational affirmations. Never
imagined this would be the approach. Too left brain for me.

When I finished our floor plan, I just sat there in awe. It was
literally and emotionally perfect. It IS my Grandest Vision.
A Gobal Healing Center.

Sitting there, looking at what the Light had created with me, I
realized how really wonderful life can be. I laid my hand over
the page and blessed this vision with my soul. Nothing more
perfect exists for me. Nothing! The energy of this single prayer
lit this idea up full blast. The current ran through my body,
infusing every cell with this beautiful creative wave. God Bless
Us And The Boss Horse We Rode In On.

Feeling a huge sense of accomplishment, and focus, I thanked God
for this gift. As I was preparing to close my journal, the fancy
tissue page fell over on top of the floor plan. And there it was.
My solid written floor plan under the light veil of
VISUALIZATION. It was one of those moments you want to frame

I credit my Divine Source and all the Lights of Heaven with
the unfolding of my Dream Job. I began in depth Dream Job
work two years ago, and it is now manifesting in ways I never even imagined possible.

The Dream Job Project is focused on working direct with
Source and Angel Light to identify and manifest your life purpose is
about to get underway. The yahoo group opens on June 22, and formally
begins June 29th. This is a six week, Reiki based project, designed
to remove the deeper blocks to your highest intentions and potential,
and light a fire of soaring creative energy under your back end.

This project is for those who are truly ready to get it done! You
have been around the block, around the bend, and up the mountain a
few times. But, the Grand Manifestation has yet to truly materialize.
And, you know it's just within reach. You're already enjoying a good
measure of success, but, there's something missing.....You need a
laser and some big light.

This project is also for those who have done the deeper personal work
on themselves, to the degree they are ready to move on to self
actaulize in bigger creative ways. You may not be sure which
direction to go. Your're looking for a reliable map, and wise Guides
to get you from where you are right now, to the next logical step and

This project is also for those that feel the calling to engage in
something like this. You posess the deep desire to rise up from your
current circumstances, but there are some roadblocks that seem to
keep you stuck at ground zero. You have the will, and you need the

This project is not for people unwilling to invest in themselves, or
the path. This project asks for full blast engagement, sharing from
the deep inner crevices of one's soul, and the unshakable dedication
to win the battle against the ego mind that claims you aren't ready
for your Brightest Shine.

If you would like a free copy of the DREAM JOB manual, please email me
at . Write DJ MAN in the subject line. If you
need registration forms, please get them off the files at rhpnews groups at
this link:

I do ask a $35.00 love offering for the six week Dream Job Project.

Many Blessings,



Sheree Rainbolt-Kren is a Writer and a Reiki Master/Teacher.
Her free, online Forum can be found at:
Please visit her online retail store at
Email: for more info on the vision.

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