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Dealing with Adversity
By: Inspirational Angels

"Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted." - Matthew 5:4

Each day I receive several letters from people who are facing adversity, some are confronted with the loss of financial resources, some have serious health problems, while others are faced with the loss of a loved one either through death or divorce. Some of these people are bitter about these problems and blame others for them. While others rejoice in there problems and look at them as positive challenges in their lives.

None of us are exempt from the challenges of life and although sorrows come to us unwanted, they leave us with our choicest blessings. Through hours of mourning and introspection we learn unselfishness, patience, brotherly love, and are given a sympathetic understanding of life.

We are all endowed with the emotional element of mourning, and this moving power is brought into action by the loss of loved ones, illness, remorse and misfortune of all kinds. Order within one's self must be made from within, and we must strive to climb out of the chaos that sustained mourning might bring.

I know a man who for many years seemingly had everything anyone could want in life. He owned a large ranch in Wyoming, A good job in that states educational system, A loving wife and six wonderful sons and he was an active member of his church. Yet in his life he suffered the death of 2 sons, 1 in an avalanche, the other to suicide because of drug addiction, His wife divorced him taking away his ranch in the divorce proceedings. Then his health failed him to the point that he could no longer teach.

Now he could have given in to his situation and been miserable. Yet he chose to see the positive side of his challenges and dedicated his life to others.

He then met a woman whom he had known when he was young, this woman had recently lost her husband through death. So they dated and were soon married. Today he has a wonderful relationship with his second wife, a small ranch in Idaho and serves on missions for his church. He says he has never been happier in his life.

Many years ago I also knew a man who had a loving wife, two children and a good job. This man too was faced by the challenge of the loss of his employment. But instead of dealing with his problem he blamed his wife for his loss. He took to drinking and beating his wife. So she left him, taking her children with her. He then took to the road as a bum moving from place to place trying to find a solution to his problems.

So what was the difference, why did the one man succeed in overcoming his great challenges while the other man blamed others for his and only added to his problems?

The first man held fast to his faith in God acknowledging him in all things and trusting in his judgment to help him in overcoming his problems, even in the worse situations of life he maintained a positive attitude of, I can overcome this with Gods help. While the second man held onto his problems, blaming others for his troubles and choosing to add more problems onto those he already had. Thus dragging him down to self-doubt and depression.

Who we are and how we respond to life’s challenges depends upon whether we react to adversity, letting it control us or do we become stronger with our adversity and grow because of it. The choice is ours. ************************************************************* This article may be reprinted freely so long as the attached resource box is included! ************************************************************* Dennis Pickering has been writing articles of Inspiration & encouragement based upon his life experiences for many years. He is the owner/publisher of Inspirational Angels where you can receive articles like this weekdays

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