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Build a Thriving Online Business from the Comfort of Your Home
By: WebSiteDesignGenius

More and more people are deciding that a good home-based business opportunity might be the ticket to fulfilling their personal and family needs. According to a recent Harris poll, 72% of American households are thinking about working from home ... so you are not alone.

Jobs in the traditional business world have become uncertain at best. People want more control over their careers, their incomes and their personal time and are finding that work-from-home businesses are a way to achieve all of that. But the big question that most face is … 'How can I work from home and make a good income?'

You need to decide if starting a home-based business is really for you and if you are prepared for what lies ahead. Too often people think they can sign up for a program and the money will start rolling in with little or no real work. Opportunities that claim that the business will take-off and start generating thousands of dollars every week for the beginning are all too common. You probably already know this, but it bears repeating ... a home based business takes work - just like any other type of business. In fact, studies show that people who work from home generally work longer hours than people in a traditional business, at least in the beginning. If you realize that it will take work and you accept and are willing to do that work, you are ready.

The next thing to think about is how you will start your home-based business. Will you do it on a full-time basis? Maybe part-time? This will likely depend on your financial situation; think about your choices carefully to determine which way is the best for you and your family and be realistic about your needs. You will be much happier in the long run if you set realistic expectations of yourself and your business. Do you know what you want to do? Your decision to pursue and evaluate a home-based business will be easier if you are able to narrow your focus. If you aren't quite sure it helps to take a personal inventory starting with your skills, hobbies, likes and dislikes; this exercise will help clarify the direction which is best for you. Ideally, your choice of work will be something that you are passionate about - there is absolutely nothing that fuels success like passion.

Now ... armed with insights as to what types of things you are interested in you can start looking for opportunities. A home-based business opportunity is not hard to find, just do a search in Google and you'll see. Beyond the internet you can look in newspapers and other publications under 'Business Opportunities' in the classifieds and find a ton of work-from home ads. Unfortunately, many make promises of great wealth and other lofty claims, but few can actually deliver. Although it can seem like a full-time job in itself, the best thing to do is to carefully evaluate each opportunity that strikes your interest and be sure to read the fine print. It's also important to talk to others who are doing the same thing and see what their experiences have been. In short, do your homework.

No search for a home-based business would be complete without considering Site Build It! (SBI!). SBI! removes the barriers to building a successful internet business by providing an amazing array of tools, tips, support and information. It still takes work but the good news is that when you put in the effort to build something real, SBI! makes working from home a strong, valid option.

Here’s why … 1. Your site builds targeted, interested buyers 2. Your site pre-sells through high-value information 3. Your site converts visitors into customers,

whether you are …

• a professional providing a service • a distributor or network marketer • an information publisher making money through AdSense, affiliate programs and referrals/finder fees • selling a service locally or globally • offering any other goods – hard goods or e goods

There is no limit to how people are using the internet to build their own home-based businesses. Once you start looking at real opportunities that are related to your interests and your skills you will easily be able to answer the 'How can I work from home and make an income?’ question. You may be surprised and find ideas that you had never considered or even thought existed.

Written by Monica Villarreal, co-authored by Gail Kaufman. For more information and tips on how to launch a profitable online home based business and free Site Build It! ebooks visit:

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